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Interview with singer, songwriter Lalie Madriguera


Lalie Madriguera

 I felt a special kinship as I talked with singer/songwriter, Lalie Madriguera.Lalie's connection to music started in her childhood, living in a house with a famous talented showbiz parents. Her father, Enric Madriguera and his orchestra were very famous among the big bands during the swing years 1930 and 40'S . Her mother, Patricia Gilmore was a singer with a weekly radio show on NBC.  Enric's sister, Paquita Madriguera was a classical pianist who married the famous classical guitarist Andre Segovia.

 My parents were both dancers and  I could relate to her experience of growing up in a house with glamourous theatrical parents. My father, Harold Haskin was a ballet dancer with Ballet Theatre and my mother, Marie Hollingsworth, a modern dancer who traveled throughout Europe with her sister, Adah Hollingsworth. They performed in a sister team called the Holly Sisters. Adah went on to be a famous fashion model and one of Salvador Dali's favorite models.

 Lalie has a beautiful voice and her song, MOTHER'S SONG, is a moving reminder of how we must take care of mother earth. In addition to her musical talents Lalie's creative life includes the role of television producer. She created programs for Connecticut Public television.
The interview with Lalie Madriguera is  appeared on Cablevision's Channel 88, on Tuesday, February  21st at 9pm and Thursday at 5:30pm. It will play at the the above days and times through the end of February.. 
Lalie'a CD "Mother's Song" at CD


LALIE (pronounced “Lolly”) Madriguera is a singer/songwriter, performer and creator of live music programs  for children, families, and adults including the elderly and ill.  “Flash!Bam!Alakazam! ™; “From Swing to Samba™ and “Heart to Heart™all  feature classic, American popular songs from the 1920s through the‘50s and include Latin rhythms.

Her newest programs are the inspirational “Earth is Our Mother” for children, and
“We Are One: Songs and Readings which remind us that We are all Connected,” for adults.
Both programs are based on the lyrics of “Mother’s Song,” Lalie’s first composition and include classic American popular songs interspersed with brief readings and stories.

“Mother’s Song” came into Lalie[s head one spring day as she was driving. Written in the first person, Earth, our Mother, asks each of us to love and take care of her and one another as, “we are one.” Lalie recorded it with accompaniment by the inimitable jazz guitarist, Gene Bertoncini.  One can hear it at or purchase it as a download at or purchase it as a single CD’s at

Noted personalities say about Lalie’s voice:  Margaret Whiting, big band vocalist wrote after hearing “Mother’s Song. “…how beautiful you sing…it’s a pleasure to hear a voice so simple and lovely” Jane Powell, singer and actress: “Your voice is so warm and rich.” Betsey Palmer, actress: “You have such a wonderful voice and heart.”

This April 4th Lalie performed “Mother’s Song” at Constitution Center in Philadelphia.  She’s performed in Central Park; at ECOFEST at Lincoln Center;’ for several Planet Heart Earth Day benefits in New York; for UN DAY in Westport CT and more.

 The late Barcelona born Enric Madriguera was a child prodigy of the classical violin. He crossed-over to popular music in the mid 1920s after falling in love with Cuban Ensemble music while in Havana. He formed an orchestra, brought it to New York and WNYC radio then to New York audiences at the Biltmore and Waldorf Astoria Hotels.  As Director of Import/Export for Columbia Records he popularized Latin music throughout the US. Lalie’s mother, the late Patricia Gilmore, a vocalist starred in  her own weekly radio show on NBC. Lalie’s late aunt, Paquita Madriguera, a child prodigy of the classical piano, married the pioneer of classical guitar, the late Andres Segovia.

Lalie's late father, Enric Madriguera

Lalie is passionate about performing to children and has given over 500 “FLASH! BAM! ALAKAZAM! ™” programs in libraries throughout NY and CT. “Flash! Bam! Alakazam! ™” is a one hour interactive, intergenerational music program for young people and families. Lalie sings dances and encourages children to join her while introducing them to a specially selected group of popular classic American songs which include Latin rhythms –the samba and conga.” Children no longer hear this music unless they are exposed to it at home as radio and television reflect the current popular music trends.” she says.  Her school workshops immerse children in this music.                                              


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